Established in 2021, AceCardGrading is a company that is ready to take over 50 years combined experience and expertise with trading cards to provide you a service you can trust—at a price you can afford.

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At Ace, we use microscopic light combined with a digital camera interface to grade your card using the highest standards in the industry.

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Ace Card Grading System

Ace has decided to go to the 1-10 point scale with no decimals.  There will no longer be sub grades on the slabs as it will show the overall grade of the card.

The scale is used as follows:

  • Minus 2 A major flaw in the centering, edges, surface or corners of the card.
  • Minus 1 A noticeable flaw in the centering, edges, surface or corners of the card.
  • Minus 1 A minor flaw in the centering, edges, surface or corners of the card that is detectable after microscopic inspection.

If card has been tampered with we will not grade it and send it back to owner as was received.


Final Scores

  • 10 Gem Mint
  • 9 Mint
  • 8 GOOD
  • 7 FINE
  • 6 NM
  • 3 FAIR
  • -2 BAD
  • 1 POOR